About ME!

I love being a wife & mom, I love learning new things. I love to crochet, sew, read, act, improvise, ride my bike, camp..... I LOVE being in love...*I* AM a child of God, fearfully & wonderfully made. I'm married to a brilliantly, talented husband whom you've probably seen on tv and don't even know it...I'm also in prayer daily for the wisdom to parent & home-educate my 4 children, the oldest; a recent high school graduate, the middles who celebrate birthdays 1 week apart & a toddler. 

I LOVE creating. I think creativity & exercising that creativity feeds the soul. I also love to find inspiration in the challenge of REcreating items I see in stores or need. I also love to repurpose every day items into something new. Hopefully this blog might inspire you to create something new today too!

Grab a cup of tea & stay awhile, won't you? Have a look around & leave me a comment! I LOVE comments.

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