Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Latest crochet project

I am working on the most darling poncho this week. E-bay is having a half-price sale on listings today so I kept thinking I would put it up today....but @ the same time, it's so cute that I want to keep it for my dd or send it to K to remind her that we are thinking of her. I actually made it a bit larger for a 7-10 year old this time, so I had K in mind when I started.

The yarn is variegated w/ fuschia, pinks & purples, very bright & colorful! THEN I am actually putting yarn fringe, the first time since I HATE yarn fringe, BUT the thing is that I am adding matching beads to the yarn....I think any little girl would love to walk & have that tinkling sound of the beads swinging back & forth. Then I will chain a tie w/ a string of beads @ the end of it!

I'll post a pic when I finish applying all the beads.S wants me to make him something w/ camouflage I am trying my hand @ making him a boy poncho, more of a 'serape' type. I couldn't find any pattern for a boy poncho that wasn't for a MAN. I did find a baby one that could be unisex but the pattern only goes up to size 3 so I am trying to 'wing' it.....we'll see how that goes.

I'm not very creative w/ designing my own patterns! I also thought I could crochet E a Bible cover w/ the yarn that he chose for himself. He got a nice, small, new Bible for graduating to the next class. I thought it was a cool idea BUT it has his name engraved on the front & he doesn't want to cover it up! LOLOL! And our sales meeting theme this Saturday is MardI Gras...we are supposed to wear a mask or I thought I could CROCHET some sort of mask for my eyes! I have the idea in my head...let's see if I can produce it out IRL!

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