Sunday, September 04, 2005

Polka Dot Power!

I made this darling bag yesterday for my 18 yo cousin (aka: wicked step-sister) for a birthday gift. I tried something different & made the flap w/ a large scallop edge. The fabric was thicker than I've used in the past & had a bit of a weave to it. So the scalloped edge started to unravel in places. I finally went over all the edging using the zig-zag stitch & that helped keep it more together. I really liked the dingle-ball trim. I think it 'makes' it. kwim?

I think a bright pink thread would have been more decorative to use as well. I had pale pink thread but you really can't see it so I could have used white just as well. Otherwise, I love it & would love to keep it for myself. I have plenty of fabric left over though so I will be making a smaller one for myself. Did you really think I would't?

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