Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cupcake anyone?

I started to crochet again....I made myself a sweet flowered cloche...but it slips off my head??? :-/ I think it's because of my hair being slippery? I don't know....

So anyway, I have wanted to get into making some crochet play food for some time now. There was a birthday occasion so I decided to start w/ a crocheted seemed simple enough & the patterns seem to take less than an hour.

Except, I have now tried 2 different patterns & each one, the icing came out weird! Not very cupcake like @ all. The tops would not puff up, they stayed flat & very NOT cupcake like......

Fortunately there are plenty of cupcake patterns out there for me to choose I will try another one after I get over my frustrating disappointment w/ the 2 that I tried. So far my cupcakes have looked like: a potted plant & a mushroom....if you can imagine that. lol

I did see some patterns for petite, layered cakes, all from crochet...can you imagine? SO adorable, there are crochet patterns out there for EVERYTHING! lol

If I ever get to it, my ktbunch can have a complete toy refrigerator full! lol

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