Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's CROCHET people!!!

Why does everyone assume if you are holding a ball of yarn you *must* be knitting? lol

Seriously, *every* *single* *person* asks me what I'm knitting or makes the comment: Oh, my _____ knits too!

2 hooks = knitting
1 hook = crochet

Has *no one* ever heard of crochet?
Or is it simply that the word "knitting' is prettier & rolls of the tongue in a much smoother fashion.

Say it: kknnnniittting.
Now try: crochet!


Whatever. I still prefer 1 hook. I'm totally partial, I know. But not discriminatory. I would learn to knit if I could...someday. ;-)

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Mobunny said...

Lydia just learned to crochet. Seems like she will be making 'bowls' for a while instead of pot holders! She likes doing it, so I am going to let her do curled up things for a bit.