Friday, November 25, 2011

Recent Treasure finds

To go along with my recent Creative Myths series, I wanted to share some recent thrifted treasures.

This stash was from a bag of notions. I don't remember exactly but I think the bag was no more than $2.95. It contained mainly vintage sewing notions. I couldn't resist. There were two packs of snaps, two small containers of grommets, hook & eye closures, collar stays, elastic, vintage lace elastic, wire stays, roll of pink binding, a few patches, ribbon, vintage lace, vintage wool mending yarn, crochet hook w/ wire (& knitting needles w/ wire not pictured) and some other items I am not sure what they are but they look cool.

Then I found this fabulous treasure for $1.95:

The roll is 10 yards of brand new flat white lace, and tons of other lace trims:TONS. I wish you could see the cream eyelet trim up close. I think it's my most favorite. But...the BEADS! What a steal, huh? They are so pretty and lovely!!! Who knows what project will grace their trim.

When I'm at the thrift store & I see home made items...I feel SO bad for them. I wonder if that is what will happen to all the home made gifts I give....they will be donated to the thrift store!?!
I know how much time and energy goes into a crocheted blanket or home made quilt. Many are very lovely too, not just yellow baby blankets. I always want to buy them all...out of appreciation if nothing else.

So the other day...I did! Birdy and I found two big bags of crochet granny squares. I have not counted them all yet but I think there might be around .... 200? Maybe. They are in the loveliest colors too!

These pix do not even show them ALL. many of them are squares with a flower in the middle. So lovely. Both bags together were under $10. We have big plans for all of them. Some will be a blanket, then maybe a scarf, a many possibilities.

Even when you are low on funds, as you can see, you can find plenty of materials for inexpensive at the thrift store. I know you can find items at yard sales too! Don't be afraid. Get to crafting!!!

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