Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Confessions of a Yarn Addict

Ok, I admit it: My name is KT & I am addicted to YARN!

Are you happy now?

This is the same way I used to feel about books @ the library.
I walk into the yarn department & my body tingles w/ delight as I see shelves & shelves neatly stocked w/ skeins & skiens of colorful yarn just waiting, practically begging, to be adopted & created into something beautiful & useful.

HOW can I resist?

Even in my darkest hour w/ NO $$$, I pass by & reach out 'just to touch' the soft acrylics & baby cottons!

I can't help it! It's not my fault. I know mom's get the brunt of our blame for everything but this time it's TRUE! AND it's even HEREDITARY! It was MOTHER who introduced me to the wonderful world of crochet! AND grandma always had balls of yarn she was unraveling! IT was inevitable!

Darn that 'Gorgeous Baby Blankets' pattern book! Darn it all!

IT doesn't matter that I have a tall & attractive basket already FILLED w/ unraveled skeins. It doesn't matter that I currently have 3 (ok maybe 5) UNfinished projects lying around. I know I can get them done, I just KNOW I can!

The new seasonal variegated skeins call to me, w/ their tantalizingly bright summery shades. Patterns & visions of ocean inspired colors beckon me in my sleep. And what's a girl to do when she finds bags of beads that match PERFECTLY to her skein?

Can anyone blame me?

Oh I hope I NEVER find the cure! bruhahahahahah!

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