Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Crochetting Connects....

I met a 'Bertha' yesterday. I have never met a 'Bertha' before.

I was sitting in the pediatrician's office, waiting for ds appt. I was crochetting like I always do when I have to wait somewhere. This woman walked out & when she saw me crochetting, she said, "Oh, do you know what '-14' means?"

She did NOT look like a person I would have EVER spoken to or met IRL. She was a bit 'rough' around the edges. (I sound stuck-up don't I?) I smiled & put on my 'friendly face'.

She was funny. I would explain how to do something & she would be confused, I would explain it again & again & finally she would repeat what I had just said as if it was her new idea & then 'get it'!

I was so excited to help her figure out her new pattern & she was so excited to be able to figure it out. She said she learned to crochet from someone 'on the bus'.

I can't imagine ever speaking to another person 'on the bus', (if I ever even rode the bus) much less learning something from someone 'on the bus'. LOL Being naturally shy, that would really be stretching the limits of my comfort zone!

I realize that when I have my crochet w/ me, it opens up avenues of communication that never would have been approached. I normally have @ least ONE stranger comment or start a conversation w/ me when I am waiting somewhere w/ my crochet.

Bertha was so grateful to have someone help her figure it out she even gave me a hug. I have NEVER in my life, hugged a stranger, much less most people I know. lol She apparently was not shy & was very outgoing. She was making scarves & beanies for her neices & nephews in.....I forgot where but somewhere back east & down south. LOL

I am not a missionary, nor do I ever 'witness' in the boldest sense of the word. But I think though there is a place for us shy ones still, loving others & seeing them as God sees them. I did not mention Jesus, I'll admit the thought never entered my mind. I think God might have been smiling on us yesterday anyway though. I was friendly, open & helpful to another human being on this planet. I bet Bertha has lots of friends & makes them wherever she goes & meeting HER brightened MY day!

Who would've of thought of the possibilities a ball of yarn & a hook would present?

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