Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ok, the secrets out.....

I've been cheating on my hooks....w/ thread!

I've taken up sewing. I don't know if I can be called a sewer or not yet anyway. I wouldn't go that far. But I have sewed a few items lately & they have become big hits. After a frustrating run looking for a skirt, something that didn't show off my derrier'...I decided to make my own! I've sewed a couple of simple dresses for my dd & w/ my grandma's help. Nothing as large as a skirt or anything for myself before.

My grandma helped me w/ the first one. There was left over fabric so I just had to create a purse to match, which led to smaller scraps being used on flip-flops! lol

The second one, I was more in a rush, broke the zipper, said: to heck w/ it! & sewed myself right into it. I have to put it on over my head instead of feet first, but it fits!

I realized: I have a thing for beaded fringe! I bought some more fabric to make some more skirts, but w/o enough beaded fringe, I don't feel motivated. lol They were much easeir than I thought they would be. I have gotten lots of compliments. I like the longer one better. Such a bargain too because I found the fabric in the clearance bin for $1 a yard & the longer one only took 2.5 yards & that had enough left over for a fabulous bag. It's even large enough to hold quite a few skeins of yarn!

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