Friday, August 19, 2005

Everywhere I go....

I meet people when I am crochetting. Yesterday @ the park a boy came up to me & said: "Is it fun yarning?"
me:{huh?} "I like it."
him: "what are you making?"
me: "A poncho."
him: "What's a poncho?"
me:"well, you wrap it around you, like a sweater?"
him: "Oh like a shawl?"
me: "yep."

I thought it was funny that he called it 'yarning'. And this wasn't a little boy either. He had to have been @ least 12 if not older. I've noticed that having my crochet w/ me everywhere I go makes it easier for others to begin a conversation w/ me. And easier for me to participate in conversations w/ stranger as well. I just LOVE it!

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