Monday, August 08, 2005

Patterns of Life

Image hosted by I crochetted this blanket last year as a gift. It is columns of hearts. It came out rather nicely & I was surely sick of it by the end! lol I realized something quite interesting, though.

You see, when you are working on a project, especially a project as large as an afghan, you follow a pattern. It tells you what stitches to place where & how many. If you follow it correctly you end up w/ a project that resembles the picture right? BUT if you get distracted or somehow lose count or get off can mess up the pattern.

The thing is...sometimes you don't realize you are 'off track' until you are a few rows past. Because sometimes, what you did previously, does not show as a 'mistake' until many rows later. Depending on the pattern, you can 'fudge' it & work around the mistake & it comes out ok, but the mistake is there, if you look closely or you are familiar w/ the project.

Other times you cannot conitinue w/ the pattern unless you go all the way back & correct the mistake. That means you must tear out & undue all the work you have done since you made the mistake, correct it & start over from that point. The work you did after the mistake is worthless!

This is how our life is sometimes as well. We mess up, sometimes it is no big deal & does not affect the 'pattern' of our life very much. Other times the consequences are more 'noticeable' but only to those close to us or are familiar w/ the details.

There are some times when the consequences of us straying from the pattern are easily seen & you just live w/ it. Other times the consequences are not noticeable until much later & then we must try & go back to repair the damage we have done.

Unfortuneately, it's not always as easy to go back & make corrections IRL as it is to do on a blanket! It is so important for us to follow God's pattern for our lives from the beginning. Then maybe one day we will turn out w/ beautiful columns of hearts too! ;)

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