Monday, September 12, 2005

Found something Easier!

PATCHES!!! SO much easier to work w/ than Beaded Trim!!! I think I am addicted to sewing. lol I LOVE how these patches came out. {**The spots are not on the skirt, but rather on the picture from the camera**} I burned the dragonfly's wings by not properly covering the patch w/ a second cloth when I ironed it on. Oldest son was kind enough to fill me in afterwards when I wondered why it happened. lol. You can't really tell though.

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A better view of all the patches. I can't wait to make a matching purse for this. The fabric is kinda thin though. I was not pleased w/ how it seemed to appear kinda sheer in light. H said it was ok ....not sure if I should trust his assessment though. ;o)

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