Friday, November 04, 2005

Matching hats....

I recently started making hats or 'cloches'. I made this one w/ the matching poncho as a gift. The hat was too tight for the recepient so I exchanged it for a solid mauve colored hat w/ a poofier flower & then trimmed the poncho in mauve along the collar.

I didn't quite follow a pattern for this particualr hat as much as I tried to fudge it. So the top has a 'bump' in one corner. But it looks absolutely darling on my 3 yo dd. I have gotten better w/ my hats since this first one.

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The colors for the poncho came out much nicer than on the hat. It must have been a different 'lot' because the poncho colors were more 'pearlish' than on the hat.

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can you make me some underware?

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