Friday, November 04, 2005

Recycling yarn

I tried my hand @ 'recycling' yarn. I had thought of it before but didn't realize you could you actually DO it. I found a blog that detailed how to unravel a sweater for the yarn so I did it! I ended up w/ 2 HUGE balls of chenille like yarn. That is one of the balls in the picture. I made a hat. I also created the scarf by combining the sweater yarn w/ another yarn. I still have plenty of yarn left over from the original ball I used.

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I was not happy w/ the way the scarf was coming out using only the sweater yarn. I stiched, pulled it out, stiched & pulled it out again numerous times before I finally combined it w/ this pink yarn. I used a 'P' hook & double crochet to produce this chunky finished product. I absolutely LOVE it! It is very soft.

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