Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Quick Gift Exchange Scarves

I whipped out this scarf for a gift exchange. I used 2 different yarns. The light color is the same yarn I unravelled from that sweater a few posts back.

I used a large hook, size Q. The scarf worked up quite soft & thick. I didn't realize but I also made it quite LONG. It is over 6.5 feet long.

It reminded me of a zebra......& I thought it was kinda 'pimp' looking. lol It was quite the hit @ the gift exchange.
This was the other one I made. I still used the large Q hook bu tonly one strand of yarn @ a time. It gives it a more open look even though it is still a double crochet. I also added a stripe of variegated yarn for variety/interest.

And a close up. The variegated has lavender in it....but it didn't accentuate it as well as I was hoping.

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