Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Boys gifts

This one was for my 5.5 yo son. He picked out the yarn months ago & wanted a hat & scarf. I finally started & gave it to him for Christmas. He hasn't stopped wearing them & gets lots of compliments, especially being such a 'boyish' yarn. Now he can stop pilfering his brother's.

The hat was a baby beanie pattern & I tried using a larger hook to adjust the fit. It did not come out exactly right, but it works. I created textured stripes by using a double crochet stitch in the back loops of each row.

This yarn was chosen by my (stb) 13 yo ds. I thought it looked quite festive & would probably look adorable as a holiday poncho for my 3.5 yo dd. It hasn't happened yet though. lol Ds LOVED it when he opened it on Christmas morning.

I made one textured stripe along one side but that turned out not to be such a great idea becuase it causes the scarf to kind of 'roll' onto itself.

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