Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mission: accomplished!

I finally finished this dress that I had bought the pattern for over a year ago! When I originally bought the fabric, they had pink & blue frog fabric & pink seemed like the obvious choice but I chose blue. When I got home, I regretted buying the blue & wished I had gotten the pink sat for months.....I finally cut out the pieces for the pattern & still it sat for a few more months, until now. Cutting out the pieces is the part I hate the most but once I do, the rest is not too hard. It took me one whole night & the next morning to finish up both dresses.

It is actually 2 dresses, one dress w/ a pinafore/over dress. Each can be worn individually or together.

The under dress has larger frogs & tiny blue dots, the fabric for the over dress is only the blue dots & the pockets have tiny frogs & the blue dots.

The gathering was the hardest part for me. I usually let/coerce my grandma into doing it for me but I was determined to do it ALL myself this time. I think next time, I'll leave it to the professionals. lol I was so frustrated, my gathering thread kept breaking. I did not realize I was supposed to pull BOTH threads.

The pockets aren't sewn on very nicely.....but it's ok. The collar is not too even either. But the sleeves came out pretty good.

When I went to cut out the fabric for the pinafore skirt, I realized, for some reason, I had the skirt part of the pattern folded down a few inches, so both skirts are a bit shorter than they should be. It's ok though since it is long anyway. I am going to make bloomer pants, so they will show off better. I am planning on making them out of the small frog print fabric w/ a matching ruffled shirt.

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