Saturday, April 01, 2006

A little LATE!

This a bit belated...I am hesitant to post pix here. (you can click on the individual pix to see a larger version) These were from this past Halloween. I wanted us ALL to be Wizard of Oz themed. DH was going to be the Lion & I wanted to be the Wicked Witch. Well, H ended up working & I did not have time to make anything for myself. So I cut off the head of a lion costume my littles had, threw on a brown t-shirt & voila'! lol
A friend gave me the Dorothy dress but her ruby slippers were no where to be found. So we took L's pair of Mary Janes, covered them w/ glue & red glitter. They were perfect!
S's scare crow costume came out the best. I used raffia for the hay. I was initially thinking the scarecrow had a straw hat, I don't know why, I've seen the movie darned near a hundred times. I looked @ a pattern @ Walmart then chose the fabric. I did not buy the pattern, just looked @ the picture & put the movie on for inspiration.
The tin man was the hardest fabric to find. I nearly gave up, when I accidently spyed the silver vinyl @ Joann's. It was %50 off too, nothing like waiting till the last minute. It was not that easy to sew but we finagled it enough. We spray painted the funnel & some dishwashing gloves silver. Then I hot-glued the funnel to the hood I created. Again, I did not use a pattern. DS was SO sweaty in that thing, poor guy. His hands looked as if he had been in a bath for hours. Vinyl is not a material you really want to spend hours in. lol
That's our dog MinMay, she played the part of Toto, no costume really needed for her. :o)
The church had that giant canvas background for something else & it was obviously the perfect accompaniment. They did a 'trunk-r-treat' this year & you had to decorate your car or have a theme. I threw the Kansas wheat field over the side of our car & again: voila'! I played the soundtrack during the evening too.
I like to go w/ a theme our entire family can be a part for next year, I'm thinking, maybe, Peter Pan? Not sure. L would make an adorable Tinker Bell, I could be Wendy, DH, Cap'n Hook....not sure oldest would want to be Pan though. ROFL!
Even though it gets totally crazy & I get a bit frazzled, I just LOVE the whole homemade costume thing! I LOVE it!

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