Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I LOVE Duct tape!!!

This is the original chair cushion. It is a velveteen goldish color. I found this set of 4 chairs @ the thrift store for about $20, for all of them. They were originally a yellowish color. I painted them white a few years ago. I cleaned them up again today.
This was the denim fabric I had recovered them w/ the first time, when I painted them white. It gave a bit of a 'country' look. As you can see the denim is now dirty & stained.
Remove the cushion from the chair by unscrewing it from the bottom. I cut the fabric around the cushion, being sure to leave enough extra to overlap the bottom.
Initially, I used a staple gun to recover the cushion. I turn the cushion upside down, facing the wrong side of the fabric & then staple it around the edges of the under side. Be sure it is not too loose by attaching the 4 sides first & then adjusting for the corners.
However, the box of staples that I had were NOT the correct size for the staple gun I had. But the ingenius crafter that I am---I pulled out the giant roll of duct tape I had & used that instead.

VOILA! Lovely new cushioned dining chair. :o)

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