Sunday, May 28, 2006

Birthday Gift

I made this tiered, halter shirt & matching head band Saturday, for a birthday gift. I made it the morning before the party. One side of the bottom of the shirt ended up slightly longer. You can't really tell when you look @ it but it showed up in a different picture I took.

I was in a bit of a rush & my littles kept pushing me to hurry so we go go to the party (since they could see the festivities happening right over the back yard fence. lol)

I fixed it later. The birthday girl lives right next door so I asked for it back today, her mother laughed @ me about it since no one else noticed. ;o)

It wasn't too hard to fix...only took me 2 tries to figure it out.

The little girl is older than L so I wasn't quite sure of the fit, but she is tiny...I made it slighlty loose on L & figured that would be ok. I also sewed elastic in the back for extra measure.

I initially started using this fabric to create a skirt for myself but it ended up being WAY too long & I am not sure if it would be way too bright for a grown woman to wear but in my mind it looks like it would make a cute, summery tiered skirt. lol

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