Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vintage Looking Dress

This is not how I envisioned it when I found this lovely fabric on clearance for $1 a yard! (can you believe that?) I think it looks like something out of the 50's.

I envisioned something flowy & bohemian...& ended up w/ this. lol It is absolutey lovely though. I was hoping to produce a matching skirt for myself but the skirt part used up all of the border portion of the fabric.

I still need to figure out something better for the shoulders....they look like a toga on L when she wears it. A gather would be nice...if I can figure it out nicely.

The fabric is very light & airy & required a lining. I used a light weight, solid pink colored cotton. It gave it some extra 'oomph' in the skirt.

The back is closed w/ 3 large mauve buttons. The buttons were salvaged from a pink sweater that was my absolute favorite but became so worn & thread bare in the elbows I was forced to part w/ it against my will. :o)

While sewing this, I realized my sewing machine came w/ extra 'feet', one of which is a button hole foot. Now I can make GREAT looking button holes. whew! Cause mine were SO ugly before. lol

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Brandi & the Zandi's said...

I think this is my favorite so far. I LOVE this look. nice.