Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm in LOVE

I got this Cheap American Girl type doll from the thrift store for my 4.5 yo dd. She was in pretty good condition already but needed a few minor touch ups. I detangled her hair, mainly & cleaned a few dirt spots. Here her hair is in 'rags' to curl it & will probably stay like that until Christmas when she is presented. My sil gave her a small bit of a trim to get rid of a few really frizzy ends.

I made her first dress. It was really irritating to work w/ such small pieces. Afterwards though, I am so taken w/ her. I almost want to keep her for myself. I used velcro fastners to make it easy for my dd to dress & undress her. This looks like a nightgown but it is a dress which I will be adding a matching pinafore too later. I also plan to create a cape & some old fashioned looking pajamas to double as bloomers. I think she is so adorable.

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