Wednesday, August 06, 2008

O! Happy day!

I've tried to teach my dd to 'crochet' before & she just didn't seem to get it, too young? Couldn't keep a hold on the hook or get the idea of 'yarn over' ect...

Well, the other day she asked AGAIN if she could 'crochet' w/ this SCRAP piece of yarn she saw in my hook I showed her once agian how to make a chain & LO & BEHOLD!!!! She DID IT!!!!

You have NO idea how this WARMS my grandma taught my mom to crochet, my mom taught me (only a few years ago) & now I will be passing this on to my OWN dd!!!!!! 4 generations!!!

She chained herself her very own pink bracelet & today she chained her friend one too!!!!


She just turned 6 yo this summer too.

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