Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doll Case

I love old suitcases. Always have.  This one was in great condition inside too.  I have this dream of my dd having all these lovely suitcases to hold all her dolls and doll accessories in. When I saw this one, originally a dull brown color, @ the thrift store--I *knew* I just *had* to have it!  Plus I had recently been inspired by all these decoupage suitcases I saw online somewhere.

I used spray paint, taped the edges....which took FOREVA!....I did not have much tape so I fudged and some paint ended up getting under the newspaper I was using to mask it--it was windy, what can I say?  I used bright pink and a light pink.  The light pink looks white compared to the bright pink.

Over all though, it's cute and turned out nicer than it started.  It's roomy enough to hold almost everything too. ;-)

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