Monday, January 18, 2010

Recycled Christmas lights

I LOVE being able to recycle/repurpose/refashion every day items instead of throwing them away.  Over the Christmas season I was quite dismayed to find that *most* of my fairly new (ie: only a few seasons used) lights were not working properly. What is the deal with that anyway?

I could not, in good conscience, just throw them away.  I tossed them into the garage w/ the other junk Christmas decorations.  Then as my most favorite holiday approached--VALENTINES--and my creative wheels began to be inspired by all that is LOVELY, PINK & HEART shaped....I remembered those naughty lights.

I saw a rag garland over priced at a local crafts store. I knew I wanted it and I KNEW I could make it myself. The heart shaped light bulb began to go off in my head.  I could use the broken lights as the base to my garland.  I delegated oldest ds to dismantling the light strand while I began cutting strips of fabric.  The fabric choices I had laying around were: Hawaiian print w/ orange/red/hot pink & yellow colors, bright pink checked, lt. pink, bright pink solild, solid red corduroy, red/white polka dot, red checked ribbon, wide red sheer ribbon, lt pink w/ bright pink flowers.

It's coming along nicely and looks absolutely fabulous.  Plus it's much longer than the store garland.  It's going to look great along the top of my front window!  Oldest was able to salvage 2 separate 2 ply strands after all the lights were off. Although this garland would also look absolutely fabulous on a strand of working red lights, don't you think?

It doesn't get any easier.  Simply cut strips of fabric and tie on.  Voila'!

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Mary said...

I love it! I want one! Did I win it for being the first follower of your blog? hahahahahahahaha

Seriously. Love the garland and the new blog look. Great job!!!!