Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anything for my sweet prince!

Naturally wanting to make Baby K's first birthday extra special, I decided to go with a *real* theme.  I looked on ETSY for inspiration and found a party them using tiffany blue and lime green along with a frog prince. Perfect! With only 10 days to spare I went to work. I had a hard time finding papers in the colors I wanted but in the end I found packs of blue/green papers @ Target of all places for only $.99 cents! Can you believe that?

I created cupcake toppers and a birthday banner.  It doesn't sound like much but add to that all the regular party fare....and you get the idea.  We ordered a custom pinata that matched perfectly.  I also coordinated plates, cutlery and napkins.  I used a boxed cake mix this time but homemade frosting--I made the green frosting peppermint flavored and WOW was it delish!!!

I realized later, this was the same color theme I had for his baby shower.  How sentimentally sweet, right? The banner pix did not come out very well so I'll have to show them another time, but just know--it was adorable. ;-)  I'm going to use the cupcake topper cards to decorating thank you cards. I hate to just throw them away.

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