Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Creative Thing

I'm entertaining the idea of changing this blog name to that. I decided last month to really let go & allow myself to do @ least ONE creative thing every day. It's been going well but like anything, I need to stay on top of *allowing* myself that creative freedom.

I have been crafting and creating but not recording it very well. lol I gave back a friend's sewing machine that I had for WAY too long. Which forced me to finally order the presser foot that was broken on my own. Of course, as soon as I gave back the machine, all I could think about were all the projects I wanted to sew! Of course!!!

I recently made Baby K a pair of Kimono baby slippers. They came out ok. The free online patterns are really written for newborns...it was a bit of a stretch for me to create my own pattern to fit an 11 month old. I also made him a baby pair of yoga pants out of a Tshirt. Very cute! & super easy!!!!

My most enjoyable part of sewing is using other items, used items, and fashioning something new. It feels like it's *real* frugalness @ it's core. My daughter's outgrown undies have become my best source of elastic for baby items. I'll never buy elastic again @ this rate--which I love!

The draw back to this way is the temptation when I went into the fabric store! A Joann Fabric opened right @ the end of my block. Goodness! All those lovely prints & the potential they each hold.....SIGH.

I also pulled out my Knifty Knitter and am using the largest hoop to create a baby cocoon. I don't like it too much, I think I would have liked it better in crochet, but it works and I think I'm almost done. It's for a gift. I also used the smallest loom to make a baby beanie. I could have simply crocheted the beanie, yes, but I used a yarn that is NOT easy to crochet with! A poodle yarn or something like that...it looks cute but is a total pain to crochet with because you can't see the stitches very well.

I also consider 'reading' in my One Creative Thing list and I actually finished a book recently & dived into a few more I've been neglecting. It feels wonderful.

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