Thursday, July 01, 2010

5 min Dress!!

Joanne's had  tube-top-dress fabric for %60 OFF.  Otherwise, it's ridiculously priced!!!! W/ my serger I whipped out 3 for Birdy in about 15 minutes MAX! If you don't have a serger---still super simple, just sew sides together & create small hem.  But w/ the serger is was super simple & FAST!  2 (shorter than the one pictured) girls size dresses cost less than $2.50 each---one is going to be converted into a long top.

This long one is actually probably for adult ladies but it was too fabulous to pass up---it was the last bit just tossed on top of the other bolts.  It cost maybe $5?  I serged the bottom to her size & as you can see, used the excess for a head band/tie.


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