Monday, November 29, 2010

necessary evil

There are two things I can't stand in my artistic endeavors.  I think of them as *necessary evils*.  They are completely necessary, unfortunately...but I still can't stand them!! Because I can't stand them, I will put off projects that require these 2 details to attention...for months.  It's horrible, I admit.

Once I actually do them, it's not so bad...but it's the *idea* of them that gets me.

What could they possibly be?
WHAT is SO bad?

Gathering, for one!
And CUTTING fabric! ugh! It's awful I just HATE it.

Tonight I finally finished cutting squares for my son's {cough, cough} birthday quilt--his birthday is in June--this is from this last June. I'm awful I know.  The thing is I CAN'T cut straight to save my life. (I can't write straight with out lines either--I wonder if it stems from the same mental deficiency? lol) I even got a rotary cutter & a friend gave me a cutting mat. What's the point? It does no good if my cutter doesn't follow the lines on the mat.

I usually avoid gathering too...but if you are doing a skirt or dress that does not have an elastic waist...well then you need to gather.

Well, I am hoping to surprise my boy with a finished quilt by Christmas. The only way I think I can surprise him is if I sew @ night...which I mostly don't like to do but it's possible.  I usually sew during the day while the kiddos tend to their academics. 

I have to figure out some framing fabric because the squares are much smaller than originally anticipated.  It was unavoidable, what can I say?

Cheer me on!?!
What necessary evils do you tolerate in your crafting?

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