Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspired by...

There are so many talented & crafty gals out there in blogland.  They also love to SHARE their ideas. Recently i came across this freebie, a sweet printable.  Well, my home's main decorating color is red--which goes right along with my love of all things Valentine!

I found some old thrifted frames in my "linen closet"--I have NO idea why they were in there.  They had patriotic designs on them.  I got them back when I was designing my middles room in patriotic colors but I never used them.  My daughter claimed one but I went to work on the other one.  

It is much smaller than the link above uses.  I adjusted my print preview to %60 to try and make it fit better to the frame I had on hand. I cut out the center to place *inside* the frame, under the glass.  I could have adjusted it smaller, I think but I finagled it to work well enough.  I had to cut the "frame" portion of the design apart but it's ok.

Nope, it's not a smudge on your screen or on the glass of the frame..(upper right corner above "always") of my darlings stepped on the paper as I was on the floor cutting out the rest. {sigh} I couldn't get the dirt off & don't feel like wasting the ink to reprint a full 'nother one. 

OTHERWISE, it looks pretty cute doesn't it?

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