Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Gifts

Part of my make-do-without-challenge  is to make do with what I have on hand....that means NOT running to buy new fabric every time I get the whim AND challenging myself to be creative for gift giving occasions!

This is what I came up with.

I made two burp cloths and a receiving blanket.  The receiving blanket is super easy to make....the burp cloths, although not exactly hard, require a bit more patience.  I used flannel I had on hand, as well as cloth diapers I already had.

The receiving blanket is basically a big square with the edges hemmed.  if I had a fancy machine it would have been cute to use a decorative seam. I just used a zig-zag. It's only a light weight one layer but you could double it to make it a bit heavier but still lighter than a blanket.

The burp cloths were a bit trickier.  I tried doing one by zig-zagging on top of the fabric on each side...well, it came out *ok*.  The other I folded the fabric under and sewed a straight stitch across the top.  It turned out well enough in a pinch but I think I could have taken my time a bit more.

To top it off a tossed in one of the extra owl pillows I had made.  Cute!

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