Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Joy

A friend commissioned me to create a quilt as a gift. This one is lap/crib size.  You might recognize the blue & green printed fabrics from the quilt I made for K. She really liked those & wanted me to use them but also incorporate some pink because it is for a baby girl.

I tried something new...I 'quilted' it in a circle--actually it's a spiral--formation. I was inspired by an e-friend who did that & made it look SO EASY! Well, it might have been easy had I not done it WRONG. {does *every* project I do NEED to be a learning opportunity?} I quilted it w/ the backing/solid fabric side UP--it should have been down.  This caused all those rectangular pieces you see to sometimes 'gather' up. ugh. It all worked out in the end though.

I included a tiny bit of JOY.
{I highlighted it this time so you can actually *see* it!}
 Don't you just LOVE it?
I really do.
The JOY is in the center (somewhat) and then the quilting spirals out from there. It's not exactly *centered* but that makes it all the more unique & absolutely lovely. IMO.
I was quite tempted to keep it..... ;-)
I really love the blue Hawaiian print backing and that colorful pink print that I used for the binding.

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