Wednesday, March 09, 2011

sewing love

As part of my "make do or do without challenge", I have not wanted to purchase any gifts (or much of anything, personally!).  Instead I want to be more creative and save money at the same time. Well, toddler gift giving fits the bill. We had a party this weekend and I was able to whip this up before we party time. Inspired by & tutorial here!  

We used a stuffed animal (w/ no sentimental value) we already had and dismembered it. I happened to have on hand, this very plush snuggie shawl that I had already cut a portion of for something else.  It made the perfect "pillow" part of the body. Attached body parts & sew into a square. It's pretty simple, although attaching the head can be a challenge for the novice. I already had stuffing on hand too.  It cost me no physical $$$, just my time. Isn't it SO cute?

Well, then my daughter felt inspired....

She took another non-sentimental value "stuftie" and created this for her baby brother.  How sweet huh? We were running low on stuffing so we re-used a pillow no one was using anymore. Of course, you could not do that if you wanted to sell your creation, but for home use--it's the perfect *upcycling* use of a pillow. We also though using a patterned fabric made it much cuter than a plain solid.  K just LOVED it and kept trying to take it from her before she was even finished!  I helped her sew over the limbs and hand sew it closed, but she basically did the rest herself. Can I mention how proud I was seeing her working at my sewing machine?

I am also hoping this will inspire my kiddos to pare down their *stuftie*  hoard collection. ;-)

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