Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it wasn't pretty

Told you.
I have been meaning to take on a slip-cover project for my sofas. I bought and used canvas drop cloths from Home Depot.  I found the idea online, a decorating blog.
Wasn't too hard....

I used a ton of pins! K kept taking them out when I wasn't looking and I wouldn't realize until I began taking it off. Once I began the cushion, I actually followed a tip and basted it before I took it off. Saved me a lot of sewing heartache.  I used upholstery thread as directed.....ugh! It kept splitting and bunching up in the needle. Not sure why.
But eventually........

I did NOT do the hem. I was too excited to wait to show you the pic though. Which isn't even very good, I know.  I took in the evening and there wasn't sufficient lighting.
If I ever take it off again, maybe I'll put a pleated box hem or something...I'm almost tempted to simply hem it by hand and leave it at that.
Anyway came out better than I could have ever expected.
Even with my mistakes tweaks.

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