Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My daughter's new interest

My grandma gave me an old cross stitch brooch kit. We have more in our garage from my mom & other grandma.  I believe they were from a popular direct sales company in the 80's called The Creative Circle. Do you remember them? I remember the company fondly. Well, Birdy, for some reason, took an interest in this little cross stitch initial brooch kit and started it.  I found that even when I was showing her how to do it, it felt quite addicting and I didn't want to give it back! haha. She is really enjoying it though. I am surprised. She was working on it diligently today and I think she can easily finish it tomorrow if she has enough free time. Who knows? Maybe this interest will *stick*.

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Heather said...

I loved to cross stitch when I was younger. I made all my school friends cross stitched bookmarks and Christmas ornaments. (I was such a dork, haha!) I don't enjoy it as much as I once did but I have a Santa picture I've been working on for three years and I'm determined to finish it! I just don't seem to have the patience for it that I once did.

I think it is so cool when young people take in an interest in creating and making things their own as opposed to buying things new.

Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your creativity. =)