Friday, July 29, 2011

Emerald City Barbie?

In *old* news I made these glamorous doll dresses a few months ago. I had green velvet-like fabric and this other sparkly green fabric that both had some stretch to it. I used the selvage edges so I would not need to hem edges. It's the most basic thing in the world. I cut a small strip for the top and sewed it into a tube shape.  Then I cut a larger strip for the bottom skirt portion and attached sides to create a larger tube shape.  I 'gathered' one end of the larger tube and attached it to the smaller tube, creating a 'dress'. Voila'! Easy peasy. I especially liked that there is no button, velcro or snaps to mess with because the fabric is stretchy. It slips on the dolls fairly easily and it can accommodate the sizes and shapes of a few different dolls, as indicated in the picture.

Don't they look like they are ready for a ball in the Emerald City?

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