Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kindle Cover

I didn't want to buy a Kindle cover when I knew I could whip one out myself. It was pretty easy, like a pillow case for your e-reader. It did end up being a wee bit tight for it, but not unusable. Now that I have one made I know how I can make another easier and better.

It opens like a book. The Kindle can slide into the left side, like a sleeve. The right side has corner pockets to hold it in place while reading. The only thing I didn't do but would have liked, was to create something to keep it closed. I was going to attach a ribbon, but I forgot. I used some left over interfacing (I think that is what it is?) in between the fabric pieces for sturdiness.
I did look online and didn't see any I liked....especially not one with as much character as an owl with giant eyes. I fashioned it after the owl pillows I made before.
I'd like to make another...maybe not an owl but something anyway...simple but attractive.

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