Sunday, January 22, 2012

Save those pants!

We rarely have much less use bleach in our home. However, of course the ONE time we do---the Birdy Girl mysteriously got bleach spots on a pair of her pants. They fit her well and had lots of life left int hem, so I hated to have to get rid of them.

After seeing a few pots in blog land about 'art' they made with bleach pens....I splurged and purchased one. I knew that was the answer.

We went to town creating dots and flowers and eventually swirls on her pants to cover up the original spots. It took some getting used too but by the end we were nearly pros. haha.

The 'pen' has two ends, a fine point and a thicker point. The fine point was used for the swirls and the thicker end worked well for the larger polka-dots. Occasionally, the liquid would come out fast and thick so you really should practice on scrap fabric to get the hang of it. We didn't care too much since these pants were already *ruined*, we had nothing to lose. The girl loves how they turned out and now she has extra life in her pants as well a fun 'new' pair.


Holly @ Bella Nest said...

I love this idea! I just got bleach on my favorite hoodie today... =( wonder if a 30 something could pull this off!!

Ruth Yoder said...

what a great idea!