Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 Minute Mini Porch Make-Over

We've lived here for years and have never fully utilized our porch. The front of it is blocked by a large bush that is as tall as the roof. I'm thinking it was to block sound from the main street. Since no one could see the porch, because of the bush, we mainly used it for extra storage space, aka: junk.

My sister-in-love was over the other day and the house was retaining the summer heat. We took two of my new-to-me-freshly-painted chairs, squeezed them onto the porch to enjoy the breeze. It hit me that I could create a cozy space using what I had on hand.

I cleared the junk and trimmed the bush back. I had a rug from Target that I got on clearance, moved a little table over, added twinkle lights and a room divider I had in my bedroom, hung a few wall items and candle sconces. Voila!


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Tami Daniels said...

That looks amazing! Great idea and great decorating!