Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cotton Candy Poncho

This is the poncho I made this past weekend for L to wear w/ her Easter dress. It looks slightly peach in the picture but it is actually pink w/ bits of yellow variegated.

It was a bit puffy yarn, thick & cozy. I needed to use a larger hook w/ it & that caused the neck to be way too large. I only had 1 skein & was afraid I would run out before it was finished.

So when it seemed like it could barely pass for 'long enough', I tied it off & went back to the neck. I was too far along when I realized it to unravel the whole thing.

I single crochetted every other stich @ the top, causing it to gather. I did the same thing for a second row & that made it way too small. I undid that row & sc each sc for 4 stiches then skipped 1 sc. That seemed to then work perfectly.

I then went back to the bottom & added one more row around. Perfect. I've never done that to the neck before & I really like it. It gave it some visual interest & fit really well.

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