Sunday, May 21, 2006

Finally FInished

I have had this fabric for a few months. On Mother's Day, I treated myself to a guilt free day of sewing & made the dress.
The ties are supposed to tie @ the shoulders except I made them too far over, so instead, I tie them criss-cross across the back & it works. I trimmed the seams w/ orange ribbon, which I think really adds 'something' to it.

The back buttons closed w/ 4 buttons, graduating in size, in each of the primary colors, orange, yellow, lime & fuschia. Good thing you can't see the button holes because they are atrocious!

I wasn't too sure about the striped pants, I was afraid they would look like clown pants, which I think they probably do if they are worn by themselves. But they turned out to be a great compliment to the dress, which was my original plan.

I can't seem to work elastic well, so I made the pants drawstings. I made the ties out of the polka dot fabric, made a button hole on each side & strung the ties through, so that it ties on each side.

The first day she wore it.....some brat left chocolate syrup smeared on a bench & it got on her dress. Good thing it is on the back, it didn't come out either w/ shout. eerrgghh! Luckily it is on the back & very light stain so you can't see the spots, but it is disappointing.

This is my proudest, most favorite project to date. I have plenty of fabric left over so I hope to make a hair band, & @ least a shirt for some mix-n-match outfits. I think a bright orange ponsho woul dbe nice to go w/ as well. I cna't decide if I should make it orange only, or orange w/ fuschia ruffle or incorporate the yellow & lime as well. It might be color over-load if I use ALL the colors. lol :o)

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