Saturday, June 17, 2006

Funeral Dress

I made this dress for L to wear for grandma's funeral. She did not have anything black & we planned on releasing Monarch Butterflies @ the graveside service, so that inspired a butterfly theme.

I made it in a hurry & I wanted to stay busy during this emotional time. Craft wise, it is not that nice but you can not tell by looking @ it.

I made a sash & matching hair tie. It was extremely hot that day so her hair is up, I think it looks a bit old fashioned that way.

Otherwise, it is a very nice looking dress. It barelyl fits her, I may adjust it later to make it wider & fit looser so she can wear it longer...not sure.

I also made myself a black tiered skirt to wear.


Brandi & the Zandi's said...

Cute - as always! You have such a beautiful model too.

Susan said...

I missed this...but she is JUST ADORABLE...I'm sure your Grandma smiled, too!! I hope you guys are doing OK. I know it can still be hard even a few weeks afterward.