Tuesday, December 14, 2010

friendly giving

 These are not a new idea.  This is my version.
 No need to go out and purchase mason jars. I save my glass jars (& lids) after use.  I had salsa jars, jelly jars, and the jars my coconut oil comes in. 
I found a simple peppermint cocoa recipe online.
Since the jars are various sizes the batches were able to go farther.
I am also using baby food jars to hold an individual serving.

Combining a homemade recipe with your saved jars makes this gift super affordable!

 I traced the lid of each jar on the back of festive paper and then hot glued it on top.
I took some coordinating ribbon I had around the house and also glued it along the sides of the lid then tied a loose knot.
I glued pre-cut paper letters on the jars to indicate what was inside.
Next time I will remember to use the adhesive letters I already have!

See? No skill required!
I had my children tracing and cutting the circles while I was layering the jars full of goods.

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