Saturday, July 30, 2011

Water Bombs

I haven't been doing as much crafting this summer as I thought I was going to. Most recently I've been using my creative energy to over haul my home, one donation bag at a time. Getting rid of *stuff* is a major ordeal. Seriously. This led to over hauling one of the kids rooms....which led to a search for smaller beds to make their living space more spacious. They had a giant bunk bed that took up a lot of eye-room as well as much of their bed room. It had a full size bed on the bottom, which can accommodate lots of kiddos when needed but beyond that....that led me to scour craigslist for new beds. I found exactly what I was looking for, for a steal! Praise the Lord.

Once we took the old bed down and brought the new beds in....we could see how horrible the walls were. Peeling, cracked paint caused by mold *in* the walls...the paint would chip off & there would be mold *under* the paint. ugh. ugh. ugh. So that led to repainting the entire bedroom. A full day project, assisted by my fabulous sister-in-love. Thank goodness for her. 

The room is now a gorgeous, bright *white* called 'marshmallow'. ALL of that though...took a lot of my creative energy to accomplish. We're still not totally finished because now we get to use some creative energy to decorate the room in a fresh color scheme using bright accents.

Plus we've been having a fabulously active summer. I take yarn and hooks with me everywhere I go but I'm intentionally staying focused, enjoying the present moments to much to let time pass me by.

I did do a quick and easy project the other day though. Water Bombs!  I followed the simple idea in this post and produced these:

Yep! I'm totally awesome, I know. The pack of colorful sponges were from Dollar Tree, yah for $1! I also purchased a pack of zip ties from Pep Boys from around $3 and have a ton left over. (like 95! lol) It can't get much cheaper than that, can it?

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