Saturday, October 08, 2011

Whoooos got a Kindle?

This was the original E-reader I made. I began crocheting one before I decided to sew the one I posted about previously.

I was not happy with how it came out over all, but I do think it's really cute.

I realize some modifications I could make that would help me (or anyone) enjoy it more.

I wanted it to open so I made the wings with the ability to open. Pretty cool design but it ended up with to many 'pieces' IMO and too bulky over all. The bulkiness might be really helpful if you drop your bag or something--it would help cushion the blow.

I meant to write a pattern for it, but then I forgot.

I think I can figure it out by next week.....

This one is going to be donated toward an auction that will help support artistic, theatrical endeavors that a friend is involved in.

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